NBT RICE, which has been in business since 1995, is a forefront in rice packaging to its domain. We negotiate rice transactions in both the export and domestic markets. Headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand, we're a progressive processor, packager and distributor of rice and rice-based products for leading companies in the retail grocery, food manufacturing and food distribution industries. Our goal is simple: to be the single-rice source for the marketplace we serve - by meeting and exceeding customer expectations in product breadth, quality and service every time.

NBT RICE is circulated throughout Asia and the Africas and is utilized by all entities of the industry, government agencies, lending institutions, trade associations and others. Our products include parboiled rice, parfumed rice, and jasmine rice . We also have the unique in-house capability of combining rice and seasonings in a variety of package sizes, and can package seasonings individually. NBT RICE is a superb private label partner, and also offers a number of our own brands for markets where they provide a better fit.

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